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We enjoy tremendous freedoms in this great country of ours that are guaranteed for us as certain “unalienable rights” (That our founding fathers seemed to believe were given to us by our Creator, I might add).  We are free to think, believe and speak out what we believe with very few restrictions.  For example, one can believe in God or some form of spirituality or not believe in God or have any religious moorings at all.  However, in recent years there has been alot of activity from aggressive atheist groups attacking public religious expressions, specifically that of Christianity.  They have had success in restricting the free public expression of the Christian faith in a country that was founded on a Judeo/Christian philosophy.  This ought not to be in a nation whose history is replete with evidence in support of this fact.  Yet, ‘tis the season for increased attack, I suppose, as we approach Christmas with its nativity scenes, religious yule-tide carols and greetings of “Merry Christmas,” all of which have caused great “offense” and “emotional pain” for those who are forced to endure such affronts to their intellectual bastions of reason and humanistic sensibilities!

Since they seem to think that their mission is to rid the world of the “myth” of religion and to set everyone free from the shackles of myths and fables and everything that resides outside of their understood realm of intellectual reason. I have felt it necessary to briefly explore  the evidential basis for their “belief system” to determine whether the foundation upon which they stand is as sound and superior as they espouse.

At this point I interject a quote from the Bible speaking of those who do not believe in God.   Psalm 53:1 states, “The FOOL has said in his heart, ‘There is NO God’…”

So, the debate, then, centers on the main question of which camp has the stronger authoritative/evidential basis supporting its philosophical worldview , or more specifically as the Bible puts it, who really is the fool?

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