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Politically Correct: We understand from a wealth of supportive evidence that America was founded on a Judeo/Christian philosophy from which we derive our basis for good and right moral self-government and the tremendous freedoms we enjoy.  We believe that such support has provided for the establishment of acceptable social standards for determining moral right and wrong, truth and error – and, in turn, good policy and bad policy.  With this as our backdrop, articles in this section will deal with issues that are on the forefront of current political debate.

Worldview: Which philosophical worldview best explains the existence of our world, as well as our relationship to it and to one another?  We believe that the strongest intellectual support and external evidence suggests the greatest philosophical prism for understanding our world is through that of a Christian worldview.   Articles in this section will address various issues and subjects from this frame of reference and will be supported through the use of intellectual argument and corresponding supportive external evidence.

Pastoral: In this section you will find articles and messages providing biblical insight to promote wisdom and understanding from the Word of God and guidance for daily living.  The intent is to help individuals grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and to encourage the ongoing development of godly character, as well as overall growth in Spirit-led living and loving.