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We understand from a wealth of supportive evidence that America was founded on a Judeo/Christian philosophy from which we derive our basis for good and right moral self-government and the tremendous freedoms we enjoy.  We believe that such support has provided for the establishment of acceptable social standards for determining moral right and wrong, truth and error – and, in turn, good policy and bad policy.  With this as our backdrop, articles in this section will deal with issues that are on the forefront of current political debate.


Debt Ceiling     Debt Ceiling Debate:  Irresponsible to raise or not to raise?
       By: Daniel Tostenson | The Clapham Society

President Obama has said that it is irresponsible to not raise the debt ceiling and, as a consequence, to not pay our bills as a nation.  He goes on to add that raising the debt ceiling is to cover spending that Congress has already approved, hinting, as appearances go, that somehow this is all Congress’ fault. READ MORE…

bibleflag copyWhat is the Criteria for Defining our Nation as Being a Christian Nation?

In spite of the facts found throughout our nation’s history, including declarations by both the Supreme Court and Congress stating that America’s identity spiritually and morally is centered ideologically and philosophically as a Christian nation, acknowledging the Bible as the authoritative Word of God and recognizing the Lordship of Jesus Christ and His sovereign rule over the affairs of men, there are those who would vehemently argue that this is not the case. They would cite many of America’s “unchristian” acts such as injustices done to Native Americans in the course of establishing its territory or the perpetuation of the slave trade. READ MORE…