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President Obama has said that it is irresponsible to not raise the debt ceiling and, as a consequence, to not pay our bills as a nation.  He goes on to add that raising the debt ceiling is to cover spending that Congress has already approved, hinting, as appearances go, that somehow this is all Congress’ fault.

First of all, as the facts go, the President has done his share in increasing debt in our nation.  In fact, he, along with his support in Congress, has roughly added the same amount of debt to the tally as our previous President but in half the time!

Second, he is stating the obvious in such a way as to make people believe it justifies the necessity of raising the debt ceiling.  Of course (!) you need to raise the debt ceiling for spending that has already been approved one way or another! That is always the case.

One big question to interject here is if President Obama thinks it is irresponsible to not raise the debt ceiling, why was he opposed to raising it when he was a Senator?

Here is another question.  What is more irresponsible, to increase your limit on your credit card so you can go on paying bills with money you don’t actually have, or to take what is popularly termed these days as austerity measures?  To take such measures means to simply find a way to live within your means, make serious adjustments or to work with creditors to restructure payments while you are also restructuring your budget.  Is it not more irresponsible to keep on raising your credit limit until the inevitable financial crash of far worse proportions happens?

Many people do not realize that one of the main components to the economic philosophy of the liberal/progressive/democratic political machine is something called deficit spending.  This is a term connected to the overall philosophy of Keynesian economics.  It actually endorses borrowing money and creating debt as the main economic driver!

How important it is to sort through the political rhetoric these days.  The bottom line is this:  If we as individual Americans know how important it is to live within our means, should we not expect the same from our government?  In the Old Testament book of Habakkuk it states, “Woe to him who increases what is not his-for how long-and makes himself rich with loans?  Will not your creditors rise up suddenly, and those who collect from you awaken?  Indeed, you will become plunder for them.”  May we heed the wisdom found in this passage of Scripture.

We face consequences if we get in financial trouble, and we need to hold our government accountable to the same standard before it is too late…and we all have to pay a price far worse than anything we could have imagined.

The good news is there is still hope and there is still time…if we make the necessary adjustments now!













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We just re-elected a President who is the head of a Party who:

– Took God out of their platform.
– Did not acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel.
– Supports abortion all the way of through partial birth.
– Supports Same-sex marriage.
– Supports financial policies that got America into the mess we are in. [Hint: It wasn’t Bush’s fault.]
– Fosters class warfare and exploitation of the poor.


We need a revival. We need a spiritual reformation. We choose to not heed the warnings of some of our great spiritual leaders like Billy Graham. What will it take? It is time to take seriously the verse, II Chronicles 7:14. It is time for at least a remnant of God’s people to take their place to humble themselves, repent on behalf of this nation, and seek God’s face that He may hear from heaven and heal this land.

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So, what is the evidence? Below is a surface purview of the distinct differences one sees when one looks at the two political parties’ platforms:

GOD: At their convention the Democratic Party omitted the acknowledgment of God in their official platform. That is not much of a surprise. The Democratic Party has, particularly in recent years, been largely co-opted by the liberal/progressive members of the party. Disguised by language expressing a desire for religious tolerance, the underlying directive for progressives is to actually create a secular state, and more precisely, remove the Judeo/Christian philosophical basis that has shaped our moral value system and replace it with a humanistic/secular worldview.

ISRAEL: Again, this year at their convention the Democratic Party left out an acknowledgment that Jerusalem is the true Capitol of Israel. This is very significant. Contrary to what we may hear from Democrats at a national political level, we have seen a subtle distancing of liberals/progressives from a strong pro-Israel stance to embracing nations that have been aggressors against Israel. In other words, Israel has become the nation viewed more as the obstructionist against peace in the Middle East. We must stand with Israel.

ABORTION: The Democratic Party Platform is in support of abortion all the way up through partial-birth. Amidst all the cries seeking to uphold the rights of women, it seems that the greatest violation in all of this, the cry of millions of unborn human beings who are being denied the right to life, is ignored and even celebrated as the woman’s right to choose.

It seems values have become so twisted that society doesn’t want to accept the responsibility that comes with making the choice to engage sexually, thus accepting the potential consequence of conceiving a child, and participate in the right and privilege to nurture and protect the life of the unborn. And if the big concern really is regarding situations of rape or incest, considering this makes up for the cause of less than 1% of all abortions this could easily be a targeted area of policy compromise while dealing with the other 99%. And we must remember that adoption can still be a viable option.

SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE: Essentially there would be no marriage if it hadn’t been instituted by God. We see way back in the book of Genesis in the Bible where God declared that man shall leave his father and mother and shall cleave to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh (Gen. 2:24). It is an institution that has been designated as a union exclusively between a man and a woman. Homosexual unions are not endorsed in any way shape or form by God by any stretch of biblical interpretation. Biblical truth is that God loves all mankind, and that includes those who exist within the homosexual community. However, just has other behaviors, attitudes and actions are described as contrary to God’s way, including heterosexual sins, hate, greed, etc, so homosexuality is placed within the category of being an immoral way of conduct before God.

Throughout the years I have found myself working alongside, and even for, many of whom were living the homosexual lifestyle. For the most part I have had great respect for these individuals and enjoyed working with them. I value them, as anyone, as human beings worthy of respect and as individuals who God loves very much and tremendously desires for them to know Him. We are ALL sinners in need of a savior. That is the bottom line. As my desire is for all men to experience the love God and come into a relationship with Jesus Christ, it is thus for those who are involved in the homosexual community.

To elaborate a little further on my stance regarding the homosexual community and to put things in perspective, I wish to make a few comments. First, I have said that if all individuals living the homosexual lifestyle suddenly became “straight” yet did not come to the knowledge of faith in Jesus Christ, they would be no better off. My point being that the most important issue for all of us is our need to receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. And we must all come to Him as we are and let Him do the work of transformation into His image. Secondly, I have also said that if I ever saw someone of the “gay” community being harassed or abused either verbally or physically, I would come to their aid in a second! There is no place for those kinds of hateful reactions.

Yet, I cannot, as an issue of public policy, and as a Christian, approve of such a deviation of God’s intent for marriage. We must not be found guilty as a nation of such an unbiblical stance. There is no room for compromise here.

THE POOR: America has been the most generous and charitable nation in the world, toward its own and toward other nations, bar none. The question is does this character trait originate from government or the spirit of the people who make up this great society? And if it is because of its people, we have to ask what it is philosophically that compels us to be such? After he had visited America in 1831, Alexis de Tocqueville stated, “Not until I went into the churches of America and heard her pulpits flame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her genius and power. America is great because America is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great!”

The bottom line is a secular government cannot foster, maintain or sustain a godly atmosphere or culture. It will continue to degenerate. So what does this have to do with the issue of the poor? If we, as Christians and/or Americans, do not hold to our Judeo/Christian philosophical foundations for the basis of good moral conduct and character, we cannot expect the government to truly care for the wellbeing of the poor. And we must always remember that the biblical mandate to care for and help the poor is directed to individuals first, then families, then communities and finally to government. And the activity of the government in regard to dealing with the issues of poverty and those in need must be secondary and at best a support to the activity of the citizenry, individuals and corporate, of this great nation. Godly individuals make for godly families which create godly communities which establish godly governments.

I see The Democratic Party as seeking welfare for the needy through an increasingly secular and humanistic approach. Also, the emphasis on social class distinctions and class warfare is harmful and extremely unbiblical. And having the government in control of such a vital work is very dangerous. My challenge would be to have government be a secondary support to those in the private sector who are involved in the work of helping those in need.

Lastly, I want to address the concern coming from some Christians regarding the support of an individual for President who does not profess to be an orthodox Christian believer.

First, though it is true that the Republican candidate does not hold to orthodox Christian views, and in truth individually supports a “different gospel” in our understanding, his values and moral code of conduct do mirror Judeo/Christian values. And He does support the essential Judeo/Christian values still found in the Republican Party Platform.

In reality, the current President also holds to a “different gospel” if one truly understands what Liberation or “Social Gospel” Theology actually espouses.

And for me, it comes down to this: I would rather have someone whose actions reflect my beliefs than someone who says the right things but whose actions are to the contrary. And I believe that is what we have to determine of the two distinct choices we are faced with in this election. Therefore, considering the case I have laid out with all the evidences given, I cannot in good conscience do anything but support the Candidate who upholds the values that I find as non-negotiable and are reflected in the current Republican Party Platform.

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I believe our great nation was founded on a Judeo/Christian philosophical basis upon which we as a people have established what is truth in terms of right guidance for us spiritually, and thus morally. In other words, we are philosophically a Christian nation that has, from our formation, used biblical truth as our spiritual and moral compass. And, I note, this is not just an opinion from some “extreme right winger.” It is a fact that in our history both the Supreme Court and Congress have made just such official declarations.

So, if we are, or at least have been, a Christian nation philosophically speaking, then we are, or have been a religious nation. “In God we Trust,” or “God Bless America” are just two common phrases found in the very fabric of our national history proclaiming our Christian heritage.

Therefore, this is why I believe it is so important to seek to uphold, and even more accurately, re-establish the values derived from our Judeo/Christian heritage that have been so instrumental in forming the good and exceptional character of our great nation. And that is why I MUST support the Republican Party, as the only political support of the two major parties which upholds these values, to achieve this goal.

Stay tuned for Part III…the revealing evidence.

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God is not Republican or Democrat.  I just saw that phrase again on a bumper sticker the other day.  I agree that is most certainly true.  However, we do also know that God does take a stand on many issues and His views are found in the Bible.  I am a Christian, whose worldview has been shaped by what I believe to be absolute truth found in the Bible on many subjects, spiritual and moral; the most important being that of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ and what He did on the cross for humanity. But the Bible does reveal truth on many issues pertaining to right thinking and right actions for a society and individuals, regardless of what generation or culture, who would seek to follow God’s ways.

So again, I am a Christian, a conservative Christian to be more precise.  That means I believe the Bible reveals God’s Word of absolute truth; that what God says regarding spiritual and moral issues are to be understood in their most literal framework; that what God says regarding these issues are relevant and applicable to every historically successive generation and culture in light of the understanding that the spiritual and moral nature of mankind has remained constant throughout its known history.

I know there are many who do not agree with my worldview, but this article is, to be clear, directed to those who would say they are in agreement with what I have stated above.

So, why am I compelled to vote Republican in the upcoming Presidential election?  For this simple reason:  I believe, of the two major parties, the Republican Party PLATFORM best adheres to and upholds the biblical worldview I have espoused.  In fact, I believe the contrast between the two parties has, particularly in recent years, become so stark in terms of what worldview each is promoting it is hard for me to comprehend how a Christian can support the current worldview philosophy of the Democratic Party.  I know that is a strong statement.  I want to be clear that I am not saying if you support the Democratic Party I do not believe you can be a Christian.  I am simply saying that it is hard for me to understand how a Christian can support such a platform that has increasingly and distinctly drifted away, in my opinion, from Christian values.  I will say that I realize the Democratic Party has not always espoused such radical social views.  But I know there are many, including generational Democrats, who would agree that it is certainly a different political party than it was even 30 or 40 years ago.

…Stay tuned for part II.

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Near the end of the 18th century, a young British parliamentarian named William Wilberforce, along with a small group of friends from Clapham, took on the impossible, the abolition of the slave trade in the British Empire… and they turned their world upside down!

So, how did they do it?

These “friends” shared a common bond, their faith in Jesus Christ, and their corporate sense of calling to “preach the gospel” in every arena of life, social or political. Their collective focus was to influence their world and even radically transform it through their steadfast commitment to the cause.

Though they were of diverse Christian denominational backgrounds, they were unified in their common faith in Jesus Christ and driven by their common passion to pursue His purposes for their lives in their generation.

And now the time has come to sound the call once again. Those who profess their faith in Jesus Christ, who share the same sense of urgency for this nation’s spiritual and moral conscience, are invited to look past minor differences to pursue a calling that extends far beyond just seeking personal comfort and well-being, and come together for such a time as this!

We invite you to join the Clapham Society today by sending an email to let us know you are standing with us in this movement to change our world for Jesus Christ.  There is no obligation or financial commitment required to join.  You will receive ongoing updates, articles and valuable information regarding events- past and present, areas of engagement/involvement,  and insightful commentary on issues that will help you in your stand for truth in your own sphere of influence.

Become a part of the nationwide Clapham Society of Friends for the 21st Century….join today!

  • Join the Clapham Community

“I sought for the greatness of the United States in her commodious harbors, her ample rivers, her fertile fields and boundless forests…and it was not there.

I sought for it in her rich mines, her vast world commerce, her public school system, and in her institutions of higher learning–and it was not there.  I looked for it in her democratic Congress and her matchless Constitution…and it was not there.

Not until I went into the churches of America and heard her pulpits flame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her genius and power.  America is great because America is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great!”

– French writer Alexis de Tocqueville, after visiting America in 1831

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