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The mission of The Clapham Society is to establish “a community of friends” to influence and impact our society and country in the name of the gospel of Jesus Christ, in both private and public sectors, and at local, state and federal levels of engagement; it is a call to pursue a mandate for spiritual and moral reformation and revival.

As Christians we must first and foremost commit to prayer, but we must also be able to implement what God gives us in prayer. We must be developed in character and “enriched in all speech and all knowledge (I Cor. 1:5),” being able to handle accurately the word of truth (II Tim. 2:15)” so that we can both “exhort in sound doctrine and refute those who contradict (Titus 1:9).” We are meant to be salt and light. We are meant to go on the offensive. We Must have an AGENDA and a  course of action to carry out this mandate in our generation.

THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE CLAPHAM SOCIETY FOR THE 21ST CENTURY Following the “Clapham model,” our plan is to establish a nation-wide Clapham Community of Friends, consisting of a central hub as well as localized chapters of Clapham “communities” across the country.


Committed to:

1. Corporate fellowship, worship and prayer
2. Corporate community service and outreach
3. Corporate activism for Christian causes and influence


1. Time (Personal Involvement)

a. Prayer (Individual and Corporate)
b. Fellowship and Outreach
c. Preparation for Purposeful Action

2.  Use of Resources

a. Finances
b. Educational Development
c. Personal Talents and Expertise


1.  Set clear and specific goals
2.  Know the biblical and theological basis that motivates your cause
3.  Research carefully to produce reliable and irrefutable evidence
4.  Maintain the foundation of prayer
5.  Build a committed support community.  The battle cannot be carried on alone
6.  Refuse to accept setbacks as final defeats
7.  Commit to the struggle for the long haul, even if it takes decades
8.  Focus on the issues and rise above the distraction of personal attacks. Refuse to respond in similar fashion
9. Empathize with the opponent’s position so that meaningful interaction can take place
10. Accept incremental victories
11. Cultivate a broad base of grassroots support
12. Maintain integrity
13. Address the larger picture. Often the issue being addressed is connected to a greater over-arching and pervasive problem
14. Recognize the passions of one another and support each other in addressing them
15. Commit the venture, progress and results to the Lord

  • IN GOD WE TRUST INITIATIVE: Seek to officially re-instate Christian principles and truth as the philosophical foundation stone upon which this nation governs itself, identifies and defines itself, morally and spiritually; we will pursue an official acknowledgment that this nation is indeed a Christian nation in heritage and principle.
  • Support national/statewide legislation recognizing and establishing the SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE as a union exclusively between a man and a woman.
  • Support the PRO-LIFE agenda.

In summary, we must know what we stand for and be able to articulate it effectively, so that we are able to implement our agenda successfully. And of course, we must never give up. Above all, we must always remember, we are first and foremost witnesses for Christ and are to conduct ourselves accordingly.

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