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What is the Criteria for Defining our Nation as Being Christian?


In spite of the facts found throughout our nation’s history, including declarations by both the Supreme Court and Congress stating that America’s identity spiritually and morally is centered ideologically and philosophically as a Christian nation, acknowledging the Bible as the authoritative Word of God and recognizing the Lordship of Jesus Christ and His sovereign rule over the affairs of men, there are those who would vehemently argue that this is not the case. They would cite many of America’s “unchristian” acts such as injustices done to Native Americans in the course of establishing its territory or the perpetuation of the slave trade.

To be sure there are many instances one could point out that would seem to negate any claim to being a “Christian” nation. However, if the basis for disqualifying America is its failures, then there can be no Christian at all! Certainly, also, the nation of Israel, as revealed in the Bible, could not be a nation chosen by God as His people, nor could King David, known in the Bible as a “man after God’s own heart” and a prophetic writer of many of the Psalms, qualify as God’s man. Both failed miserably, King David being both a murderer and an adulterer! And for that matter, I say that I am a Christian. Yet, there are many points in my life where I know I have acted very unchristian like and there would be those who witnessed those times who would say, “how can he call himself a Christian?”

The problem here is that you cannot define Christianity solely by the actions of Christians. Christianity is defined by the truth found in the Bible and on the basis of what Christ did to save mankind from sin. Christianity is for failures who realize their accountability to the law of God and recognize that the only way to right standing with God is to receive God’s grace by faith, which includes the opportunity to repent when mistakes are made and to receive forgiveness and a new start.

America has failed many times, as have I. But it has always had, as its spiritual and moral compass, the Bible as God’s absolute authoritative truth to steer her back on course and to “get things right”. If we lose that compass, we will most certainly lose our way and our identity. And when that happens we will lose our future.

May we once again, as a nation and individuals, humbly turn back to the One Who has been so gracious to us, has blessed us and allowed us to be a blessing to so many others. For He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. He is the God of America!

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